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In this industry, thousands of work and operational reports have to be written by hand daily and then typed in the head office. This already considerable effort is compounded by recording errors and consequent cross-checking.

Savvy Telematic Systems' construction solutions capture operating data such as operating times, fuel consumption, working hours etc. with great precision and allocate these automatically to the correct building site. These high tech devices have been designed specifically for use on construction machinery. They record all relevant data and can even be used on machines subject to extremely tough conditions such as for example vibratory plates.

The investments in these innovative solutions pay for themselves within a few months.

The Savvy construction system solution is modular and includes the following components:

  • Automatic operational data capture of the construction machinery
    The telematic devices capture machine operating data without requiring paper-based documentation. Tasks can be allocated without delay. Invoices and report sheets are generated immediately, consequently reducing payment lead times.

  • Fleet management

    Efficient fleet management for medium-sized and large vehicle fleets and machinery calls for very good organization. Workshop dates have to be coordinated optimally to avoid unnecessary vehicle shortages. Savvy Telematic solutions enable a complete overview of the entire pool, i.e. of all types and brands of vehicles and construction machines. Key data like kilometre reading, fuel consumption, runtime hours etc. are always available in real-time.

    Comparisons of various vehicle types permit an objective assessment of individual criteria and hence enable precise evaluation for new procurements. Thanks to proprietary CAN engineering, the Savvy telematic device can also be attached to non-standard vehicles.

  • Anti-theft
    Savvy telematic devices are suitable not only for monitoring large construction machines but also for mounted and small devices with no on-board power supply. The autonomous devices reliably report unauthorized departures from geo-fenced areas or vibrations after working hours to the designated points.

  • Fuel consumption monitoring
    Fuel costs represent a significant share of machine running costs. Incentive systems based on situation-driven fuel consumption data can promote fuel-saving behaviour. This solution includes surveillance against fuel theft.

  • Machine configuration log
    A number of mounted devices for construction machines are used depending on the job at hand. So it is important to know which configuration was used if you want to analyse a particular application.

  • Damage prevention
    If construction machinery failures are reported, it must be determine whether work can continue or whether further damage is likely. Remote diagnosis helps avoid expensive damage.

  • Operator authorization
    Statutory regulations provide that drivers may operate only those machines for which they are licensed. This solution recognizes driver and machine and grants or blocks release.







  • Automatic operating data capture
  • Fleet management
  • Anti-theft
  • Fuel consumption monitoring
  • Machine configuration log
  • Damage prevention
  • Operator authorization




  • Reduced administrative time and effort for performance logging
  • Transparent fleet management
  • Robust devices for the construction industry
  • Intelligent data evaluation
  • Individually configurable dashboard function
  • User-friendly Web applications




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