Efficient and safe chemical products shipment

AnQore, one of the leading chemical supplier, adopts SAVVY®

AnQore is one of the first companies in the sector to adopt an integrated telematics system for all of its several hundred tank containers and tank wagons. By adopting the Savvy Telematic Systems solution, AnQore has optimized both fleet efficiency and shipment safety.

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13.500 equipped TWA-SFL-Waggons

Zero Maintenance, Zero Repair, 100% Availability!

#Quality first - do it right the first time. Great projects require the highest quality output at every stage. We can. End of story.

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CIMC Enric and SAVVY

Two leading global players comes together - a strategic trendsetting partnership.

"The strength of a team is different people with different perspectives"

intelligent containers ex works

digital Locomotives

SBB (Swiss Federal Railways) digitized locomotives with SAVVY. SBB contracts SAVVY® for its railroad vehicles - strategic partnership for future-proof development

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Temperature-controlled transports

logistics expert RINNEN relies on SAVVY® Telematic Systems solution

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Intelligent Tankcontainers

What, if in the future every single tank container would be intelligent ex works? Well, it seems like the future is now.

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dangerous goods

The WASCOSA Intermodal fleet is equipped with ATEX-certified SAVVY® CargoTrac-Ex.
#Quality is the best business plan.

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SAVVY® Synergy Enterprise Portal

award winning portal for logistics processes
“SAVVY® Synergy Enterprise is a comprehensive and especially user-friendly IoT-portal. It is also the most sophisticated system on the market” - Jury Chair, Prof. Birgit Wilkes.

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Swiss Research and Innovation

flat spot detection with telematics
With the support of the Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN), the freight wagon leasing company Wascosa and SAVVY Telematic Systems conducted a research project to analyse “flat spot detection” and developed a true innovation for rail freight transport.

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INTELLIGENT TELEMATIC SOLUTIONS for digitization of logistics processes:




Robust, up to 15 years durable maintenance free telematic devices for reliable and comprehensive data capture, developed for a range of application fields and sectors. Especially for use under extremely harsh environmental conditions or requirements. Wireless or wired IoT applications according to the latest standards and guidelines.



Intelligent (Business Intelligence-) evaluations transform raw data into highly-useful information with individual criteria such as performance indicators or meaningful presentation documents. SAVVY® Synergy Portal is available as a private cloud as well as an on-premise installation and can be integrated seamlessly into the customers ERP system.



Based on SAVVY technologies, transports logistics companies can achieve optimum traceability for means of transportation and transportation units, automate administrative processes, increase transport process productivity and develop new value-added services for customers or related business units.


SAVVYs solutions for chemical companies


Safety & quality
ATEX- and IECEx certified complete solutions significantly reduce operating costs, optimize cycle times, increase productivity and assist in the automation of chemical processes. SAVVY® is a leading expert in ATEX and IECEx certified intrinsically safety products.
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LNG and Tankcontainer global overview with SAVVY


Digitalisation throughout the logistics chain: real-time monitoring, remote control of product temperatures, complete and precise quality reports are becoming increasingly important in temperature-controlled transports.

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Produktivität des Schienengüterverkehrs erhöhen


The rail-specific total and bulletproof solution for raising productivity, predictive maintenance, full-empty weighing and reducing maintenance costs with state-of-the-art SAVVY® technologies.

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what's going on in our world of digitalization

Aida Kaeser SAVVY, BERTSCHI and SRF_Swiss Television - one silk one road
On Swiss TV "ECO" business news: #Digitalisation and #OneBeltOneRoad, #Bertschi and #SAVVY join forces on the New Silk Road.

We are proud to announce & we love to share some backstage impressions: The business magazine «ECO» (Swiss national television, SRF - Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen) realize a special program on the topic «New Silkroad / one belt, one road initiative». An important part of the program are Swiss companies SAVVY® Telematic Systems AG and BERTSCHI AG. «ECO» is Switzerland’s leading weekly business show on the first channel of Swiss Television. It is not only broadcast in Switzerland but also on 3Sat in Germany and Austria. Watch video

Aida Kaeser: SAVVY Telematic and WASCOSA flat spot detection
Swiss Research and Innovation: SAVVY Telematic Systems and Wascosa successfully introduce flat spot detection with telematics

With the support of the Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN), the freight wagon leasing company Wascosa and SAVVY® Telematic Systems conducted a research project to analyse “flat spot detection” and developed a true innovation for rail freight transport. The new development makes it possible to identify flat spots via acoustic irregularities and eliminate the flat spots efficiently. SAVVY’s newly developed flat spot algorithm evaluates the vibrations in the time and frequency range on the telematic system. Read more

Aida Kaeser: SAVVY and SBB_strategic partnership
SBB contracts SAVVY Telematic for its railroad vehicles- strategic partnership for future-proof development.

All SAVVY® Synergy Portal users should be in the 3 to 4 digit range and access distributed among approximately 50 different user groups. This allows SBB to always have access to reliable, consistent operating data and position information. A long-term partnership is planned to continuously improve SBB railroad vehicle fleet management productivity by providing and processing telematic and sensor-based data. Read more

Aida Kaeser: SAVVY and TWA are
Quality is the investment of the future. Intelligent freight wagons: Total connected wagons went from 3,000 to 6,000. TWA and SFL intensify partnership with SAVVY®.

“SAVVY’s cut-of-the-edge technology, coupled with its proven data availability and performance were the decisive criteria for choosing the Swiss telematics specialists once again”, Anders Nilsson, Managing Director TRANSWAGGON AB, Helsingborg, explains. “In view of the smooth, extremely fast implementation and very good experiences under normal operation conditions, it became clear to us that we want to continue the collaboration. This is why we are equipping 6,000 of our wagons with the SAVVY® CargoTrac telematics device and digitising our entire fleet step by step.” Nilsson adds. Read more

Aida Kaeser: SAVVY Gateway ATEX certified
SAVVY innovations for wireless connecting and optimising logistics processes, even under harshest conditions and for hazardous goods

SAVVY is presenting new innovative ATEX-certified telematics devices: the SAVVY® CargoTrac-ExR, equipped with an IEEE802.15.4 wireless transceiver, and the SAVVY® Sense Gateway-ExR, which provides four connection options regardless of ATEX sensor manufacturer. SAVVY® Sense Gateway communicates wirelessly with the telematics devices. SAVVY ATEX-certified telematics units offer performance and lifecycles that exceed industry standards by a wide margin and make it possible for hazardous goods logistics companies to take advantage of all of the possibilities offered by digital process optimisation. SAVVY’s cutting-edge telematics devices are guaranteed to be autonomous and absolutely maintenance-free throughout their entire lifecycle of up to 15 years – even under the harshest possible conditions. Read more

award winning portal
„The most sophisticated telematics & IoT portal on the market”

SAVVY® Synergy Enterprise
Chrome iPad


State-of-the-art is not good enough for us! Understanding the processing and optimization of our customers' processes makes the difference
SAVVY® Synergy Enterprise

SAVVY® Synergy Enterprise

Award-winning portal for chemistry and logistics

SAVVY® Telematic Systems AG, with its management and logistics process analysis portal solution, SAVVY® Synergy Enterprise, was among the nominees. The software solution combines management, collaboration and business intelligence functions to control complex logistics company-wide. The jury of top-notch experts presented SAVVY with the Telematic Award at the end of September. “SAVVY® Synergy Enterprise is a comprehensive and especially user-friendly telematics system. It is also the most sophisticated system on the market”, says Jury Chair, Prof. Birgit Wilkes.

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