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Press release Apr. 18th, 2016


SAVVY® Telematic Systems AG a specialist for highly developed telematics system solutions is among the exclusive suppliers of HOYER, a Hamburg based logistics company.

Schaffhausen, Switzerland, 18. April 2016 +++ SAVVY® Telematic Systems AG ( a specialist for highly developed telematics system solutions is among the exclusive suppliers of HOYER (, a Hamburg based logistics company. HOYER is a global market leader for transporting liquid loads by road, rail, and sea. To efficiently manage its tank containers for temperature-controlled shipments, HOYER relies on SAVVY® competence. After a successful pilot phase and in its capacity as an exclusive technology partner, SAVVY® is integrating its intelligent telematics system solution in a broad range of logistics processes at HOYER. To this end, the tank containers are equipped with the SAVVY® telematic units CargoTrac and/or FleetTrac and connected to SAVVY®’s cloud-based Synergy Portal. Thanks to SAVVY® Synergy Portal’s customised interface, both HOYER employees and end customers have permanent access to tank container data allowing them to collaborate and optimise their logistics process control. Among other things, continuous temperature monitoring as well as active temperature control during the entire transport cycle make uninterrupted automated quality proofs possible. By using the new technology, HOYER aims to further increase transport and logistics productivity as well as service quality for business customers and to maintain its competitive advantage.

High performance tracking & tracing makes it possible to monitor all shipments precisely in real-time. SAVVY® telematics units record a wide range of sensor values and tracking data such as circulation and idle times, unit operating hours and filling levels, temperatures, change in position and shocks. Any and all target value deviations are logged and saved reliably. If a unit reports disruptions or the temperature falls below the target value, the system sets off an alarm. Monitoring the container temperature protects thereby protects the shipment value and prevents expensive damage events in products with low hysteresis such as adhesives, which can be damaged in the event of temperature deviations of even only 1 degree Celsius.

“SAVVY is not only the technology leader in the telematics sector, it is an acknowledged expert in the area of monitoring electronic trace heating systems. In addition to its engineering know-how, the company has a unique understanding of future-oriented digital logistics business processes. This is demonstrated for example by the high efficiency of the SAVVY Synergy Portal“, explains Hans Demarest, Director Engineering of the Netlog Business Unit. „This combination makes SAVVY an ideal partner for us. As part of the Indus Holding AG, SAVVY also offers the stability and reliability necessary for a successful long-term collaboration.”

SAVVY® Telematic Systems system solution is made to enable high connectivity and easy integration. The vendor-independent telematics units can be used with all of HOYER’s current cooling and heating systems.

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HOYER Tankcontainer equipped with SAVVY Telematics


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SAVVY Telematic Systems AG is among the exclusive suppliers of HOYER-Group