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Innovation management ensures competitive edge

Schaffhausen (Switzerland), 27 Oct 2014 – SAVVY® Telematic Systems AG (,a machine-to-machine solutions provider focussed on telematics-based business intelligence has expanded SAVVY® Synergy Portal's range of services. With immediate effect, additional functions are available to control and optimise construction sector and container logistics processes.

SAVVY® Synergy combines web-based portal software for managing Savvy's telematic units with a high-performance business intelligence solution that turns raw data and individual events into meaningful information. The BI solution makes it possible to conduct standard analyses such as ad hoc evaluations in accordance with individual criteria. SAVVY® Synergy is available as a cloud, private cloud as well as an on-premise installation and can be integrated seamlessly into an ERP system. Users have a role-based interface that displays the data they need on a daily basis. Functionalities, evaluation and reporting can be adapted to meet individual customer needs.

“In this context, the performance range of the SAVVY® system solution is the result of an open and honest dialogue with our customers and partners“, Paul Kaeser, CEO of SAVVY® Telematic Systems AG, explains. “Our customers know best the challenges they face and what a solution that suits their objective consists of. We use this information to develop our product. This is part of Savvy's innovation management.“

With immediate effect, SAVVY® is providing support for construction site dispatchers engaged in equipment and construction site storage management. In addition to operating data acquisition, fleet management, machine configuration log or damage prevention, SAVVY® – thanks to the innovative use of RFID technology - can be used to continuously monitor small device and construction equipment stock. SAVVY® increases warehouse management transparency, improves device capacity use and, by recording operating hours, makes maintenance interval scheduling more flexible. Cost control is also facilitated. In addition, automated, error-free activity and performance allocation for construction equipment rental is possible. In combination with operating data acquisition and the corresponding evaluations in the SAVVY® Synergy Portal, sub-contractor efficiency can be measured.

The solution is of particular interest to container logistics providers because it means they always know where containers are located and what condition they are in. SAVVY® records transport and handling times and enables automatic circulation monitoring even if the itinerary includes several stops. The business intelligence technology then provides information about circulation efficiency. The SAVVY® Synergy Portal not only display the acquired data but autonomously informs the employee in charge or remote-controls the corresponding units on the containers. This allows SAVVY® to prevent losses in quality or total losses during loading.

About SAVVY® Telematic Systems AG
SAVVY® Telematic Systems AG, headquartered in Schaffhausen, Switzerland, is an M2M technology service provider specialised in telematics based business intelligence. SAVVY® combines hardware, software and process consulting expertise to provide comprehensive services for industrial and logistics companies. The aim is to increase added value in these companies through efficient work and logistics processes. SAVVY® links telematic system solutions for use in vehicles and machines with highly developed business intelligence technologies as well as customised communication services. The range of services also includes far-reaching process consulting and intelligent process design for all telematics based business processes. SAVVY® Telematic Systems AG currently has a ten-member team consisting of hardware and software engineers, project managers and logistics specialists committed to working with their clients toward increasing customers' added value. SAVVY® joined the INDUS Holding AG Group in May 2014 when IPETRONIK GmbH & Co. KG, a worldwide leader in mobile measurement technology, DAQ software, engineering services and test bench technology for the automotive industry and a member of the SDAX-listed INDUS Group, acquired a majority interest in Savvy.


Aida Kaeser, CEO der SAVVY® Telematic Systems AG

Aida Kaeser

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
+41 52 633 46 02

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