Press release 14 April 2014


Maximum productivity on construction sites – SAVVY® Telematic Systems combines telematics and business intelligence.

Schaffhausen (Switzerland), 14 April 2014 – SAVVY® Telematic Systems AG (, headquartered in Schaffhausen, is a machine-to-machine (M2M) solutions provider focused on telematics-based business intelligence.

SAVVY® Telematic Systems has a scalable product range consisting of system solutions and services that go well beyond classic tracking & tracing and is specifically for the construction industry. The aim is to considerably improve operational and support processes as well as reduce costs through intelligent data acquisition and evaluation. To do so, SAVVY® combines highly developed telematic devices with high-capacity business intelligence and portal software.

The telematics units autonomously transmit the process data acquired from vehicles and construction equipment to the web-based SAVVY® Synergy portal. SAVVY® Synergy then aggregates the data, links it to the corresponding company master data and evaluates it in accordance with individual requirements using state-of-the art BI analysis methods, This makes it possible for construction companies to automate a number of operational logistics processes at construction sites, thereby increasing their productivity. In addition they are able to always keep an eye on their business processes and, based on this sound current information, make reliable prognoses and solid decisions.

Among other things, the range of solutions is suited for automatic acquisition, documentation and evaluation of operational data. The robust telematic units can be quickly and easily connected to the vehicle's CAN bus, both internal and external sensors, or terminal. The units acquire all relevant data such as mileage, fill levels, operating hours, working hours, standstill times etc. and transmit them in encrypted form to the SAVVY® Synergy portal which is integrated into the company's IT system. This eliminates both the need for investing time and effort in paper-based operating data acquisition at the construction site and subsequent error-prone manual key-in to company software systems. The system solution can acquire and process all types of process data. This enables flexible extensions for example for fleet management, theft protection, recording machine configurations, damage prevention or operator authorisation.

Savvy's business intelligence technology generates information from raw data and visualises it almost in real time in clear and easy-to-use dashboards. Dashboards can be adapted specifically for each user in accordance with their role (construction site supervisor, fleet manager, dispatcher or manager F&A) and make it possible to easily create professional reports. Companies can then evaluate the key performers at the constructions site and make cross-comparisons about different key performers or constructions sites. The analyses can be configured for individual queries. The SAVVY® Synergy portal enables objective evaluations and delivers for example precise evaluations for decisions on new acquisitions. In addition, it is possible to make extremely reliable project plans as well as cost and resource calculations.

In addition to hardware and software engineering know how, SAVVY® Telematic Systems has long-standing experience in process optimisation. In close collaboration with its customers, the SAVVY® team develops efficient, telematics-based processes and can be measured by the success of the optimisations, for example the achieved savings. The company also offers different services for using the solution: SAVVY® Synergy can be operated locally on premises or as an SaaS solution in a public or private network.


Aida Kaeser, CEO der SAVVY® Telematic Systems AG

Aida Kaeser

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
+41 52 633 46 02

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The SAVVY® FleetTrac device communicates with the SAVVY® Synergy portal via an encrypted link. In addition, data communication authentication and integrity checks ensure that your operating data are always secure.


Mileage, fill levels, operating hours, working hours, downtimes, etc. are automatically transferred to the SAVVY® Synergy Portal in encrypted form


 The superior location technology uses GPS and GLONASS satellite signals, and, where conditions are very unfavourable, GSM cell tracking to determine positions.