Our passion for developing simple and efficient innovative products to give our customers an unmistakable competitive edge motivated us to establish SAVVY® Telematic Systems AG.

We have over 15 years of experience in telematics with more than 100,000 hardware modules installed. And we use that experience to develop innovative technologies that are the perfect fit for our customers' infrastructure and raise the intelligence of their business processes for the long haul.

The Savvy team is broadly-based and multidisciplinary and includes hardware and software engineers, project managers and logistics specialists. All of them see themselves as partners in creating added value. The solutions we realize for our customers are unique in their availability, connectivity and efficiency.

Our customers can rely on our long-standing expertise in various areas:



A team with broad experience in large-scale projects
Performance quality is our top priority
We think in terms of customer processes and enhance these systematically
Trusting and long-term partnership with our customers
We know how important high tech is for our customers