SAVVY® FleetTrac

The SAVVY® FleetTrac telematic device displays convincing superior performance and many interfaces for across-the-board deployment.

The device is optimized for quick installation and requires no external antennae. The highly-developed antenna technology permits concealed mounting - even in vehicle interiors. The superior location technology uses GPS and GLONASS satellite signals, and, where conditions are very unfavourable, GSM cell tracking to determine positions.

Sector-specific applications combined with dedicated interfaces make the device an efficient platform for processing vehicle data (CAN), sensor signals, entry terminals, door and switch monitors, data from refrigerator and heating units etc.

The model with an integrated rechargeable backup battery allows for autonomous operation for well over 3 months. Where external voltage is available, the battery is recharged automatically - possible even at low temperatures thanks to built-in heating.

The SAVVY® FleetTrac device is certified for use in trucks and automobiles, on construction machinery, trailers and containers; a model is available for rail traffic purposes.

SAVVY® FleetTrac stands out because it needs very little power to operate, so it meets all current and foreseeable environmental regulations. This enables very long autonomous operating times and ensures that external power supply usage is low.

The SAVVY® FleetTrac device communicates with the Savvy Synergy portal via an encrypted link. In addition, data communication authentication and integrity checks ensure that your operating data are always secure.

Savvy FleetTrac by Savvy® Telematic Systems AG





  • Automatic capture of operating data in rail, logistics and construction industry
  • Fleet management
  • Eco-drive driver feedback and evaluations
  • Refrigerated transport monitoring on rail wagons, containers and trailers
  • Sensor monitoring
  • Heating/refrigeration units management and monitoring
  • Driver identification and order processing
  • Access surveillance for security transports
  • Anti-theft
  • Shock detection
  • Automatic stock control



  • Accurate and robust localization, thanks to GPS, GLONASS and GSM localization
  • Worldwide application with 2G and 3G communication
  • Easy, concealed installation
  • No external antennae
  • Robust, monolithic construction, IP69K protection class
  • Encrypted data communication
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