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Press release Sept. 14th, 2015


Get to know SAVVY® at the WASCOSA Asset Intelligence Day on October 22, 2015 in Lucerne

It is a well-known fact that you cannot optimise something you do not know. To improve shipment efficiency and the processes associated with it, all of the process chain components – including their current status – as well as the structure of the overall process have to be known in detail. Telematic solutions not only provide the necessary transparency with respect to the required components. Recording, transmitting and using digital information make it possible to optimise a broad range of individual rail freight transport processes. Telematics also provides insights into how the entire transport process works and enables its comprehensive control.

Possible uses in rail freight transport
There are a large number of possible applications in rail freight transport: beginning with simple functions like tracking & tracing to information about transport progress or the exact location in international single wagon load traffic, which is often not up to date or at least doubtful. Telematics provides all of the relevant information correctly and in realtime. The shipper knows immediately if a shipment deviates for example from the target or if a wagon remains too long at a particular way station and can intervene accordingly, thereby considerably reducing circulation time. Moreover, a complete and correct wagon overview allows for a more efficient wagon allotment after the shipment is completed.

By recording mileage per wagon, telematic solutions, in addition to supporting compliance, also make fleet management efficient. The individual wagons can be put to use or sent to inspection as required. Planning inspections on the basis of effective mileage and the current location of the wagon increases its availability. However, since a wagon’s technical status not only depends on its quantitative mileage but also on its vehicle load capacity and infrastructure quality, SAVVY® Telematic Systems ( for example, offers a combination of loading sensors and shock detectors. These record the type and intensity of shocks that can lead to rolling stock and transport goods damage. Based on this, operators can assess maintenance needs accurately, identify damage more exactly – instead of having to take entire assemblies apart – and avoid time-intensive repairs.

WASCOSA Asset Intelligence Day
WASCOSA ( is Europe’s leading provider of freight wagon systems and one of the most innovative companies in the sector. It is currently in the process of testing SAVVY® Telematic Systems AG’s solutions. WASCOSA says it intends to use telematics in the future and is committed to achieving higher market penetration for telematics in rail freight transport. WASCOSA therefore considers calling atttention to future-oriented overall solutions to improve rail freight transports both a privilege and a responsibility. This is the theme of the WASCOSA Intelligence Day on October 22nd in Lucerne. At the conference, a large number of telematics providers will demonstrate the benefits of telematics-based applications at the conference. One of these companies is SAVVY® Telematic Systems AG, which offers business intelligence-based telematics solutions for both rail freight transport and container logistics. SAVVY® fulfills three decisive added value conditions: modularity, integration and autonomy, key factors in helping companies use cross-process systems optimise their logistics. The added value is undeniable and, thanks to state-of-the-art technologies and with the support of an experienced integration service provider – like SAVVY® for example – it can be realised within only a few months’ time.

Information on how to register for the WASCOSA Asset Intelligence Day is available under this link.

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