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Innotrans 2016: SAVVY® presents new solutions for connecting and optimising logistics processes

Press report from 12. August 2016
Innotrans 2016: SAVVY® zeigt neue Lösungen zur Vernetzung und Optimierung von Logistikprozessen

Daten treiben das Business – auch in der Gefahrgutlogistik

SAVVY® Telematic Systems AG, a specialist in sophisticated telematics system solutions and a subsidiary of INDUS Holding AG, an SDAX listed company, is presenting several new products aimed at modern logistics. Visitors at the SAVVY® booth (Hall 4.1, Booth 209) can learn about the new SAVVY® Synergy Enterprise Portal.

The software solution combines management, collaboration, and business intelligence functions to enable company-wide control of complex logistics demands.  SAVVY is introducing its newest hardware innovation, SAVVY® CargoTrac ExR, which is ATEX-certified. The vendor-independent telematics unit’s performance and service life exceed branch standards by far and opens the entire spectrum of digital process optimisation for hazardous goods logistics. Based on SAVVY technologies, transports logistics companies can achieve optimum traceability for means of transportation and transportation units, automate administrative processes, increase transport process productivity and develop new value-added services for customers or related business units.

SAVVY® Synergy Enterprise – transparency and connection for everybody

The cloud-based SAVVY® Synergy Enterprise Portal processes the data provided by the SAVVY telematics devices in all transport means and units, and displays the actionable information on dashboards. Positions, routes, mileage, route options, goods or supply statuses, current tasks, irregularities, responsibilities, risks, contact partners are all available immediately. Access is controlled by an intelligent rights and role management so that individual access can be granted to other departments and customers. SAVVY Synergy Enterprise not only makes logistics processes transparent, it also provides comprehensive collaboration opportunities for fast exchanges and easy coordination with all stakeholders. In addition there are high-performance business intelligence tools that enable quick business process analyses and reliable forecasts. Based on this data, transport logistics processes and related business units can be digitally connected and purposefully optimised.


“In an intensive 12-month pilot project, WASCOSA put 10 wheel set-independent telematics suppliers through the acid test. SAVVY® achieved an optimal value of 0.7% service performance accuracy, something we are very proud of.”

Paul Kaeser
CEO SAVVY® Telematic Systems AG

SAVVY® CargoTrac ExR – data-driven process optimisation for hazardous goods logistics

SAVVY CargoTrac ExR is approved for use in Zone 1 potentially explosive atmospheres and is suitable for a wide range of transport units such as containers, IBCs, and rail transport cars. Another innovation is that it is possible to connect external sensors to the SAVVY® CargoTrac ExR via a 2.4GHz IEEE802.15.4 ZigBee radio interface. In addition there is a secured sensor gateway. The Sense Gateway ExR offers 4 connection options for ATEX sensors to monitor temperature, pressure, fill levels, or locking mechanisms. With SAVVY’s scalable telematics system solution and by using CargoTrac ExR, hazardous goods logistics companies can digitally connect, monitor, and agilely manage their business processes to achieve highest-possible productivity levels for transport, circulation and storage as well as to further increase added value in logistics through new customer-oriented services.

ITSS standard interface

SAVVY® also supports the ITSS standard interface connecting server-side telematics applications (regardless of the manufacturer) with the end client’s IT environment. This makes vendor independent data exchange possible at all times. Software that consolidates different telematics manufacturers is a thing of the past. Welcome to Digitalisation 4.0 and new-found independence.

New NACCO-CIT wagon type Laaers560.1 with digitalization between halls 1 and 3

Between halls 1 and 3 WBN Waggonbau Niesky GmbH (hall 3.2 booth 202) presents for the first time its new wagon type Laars560.1, equipped with the telematics unit SAVVY® CargoTrac-R. The new wagon type Laaers560.1 was specially designed for NACCO, A CIT Company, which will be delivered to end customers with SAVVY® telematics as standard. NACCO, A CIT Company secures a decisive competitive advantage for itself and its end customers by using intelligent telematics and a state-of-the-art SAVVY® Synergy Portal.