The foundation of your high tech telematics: SAVVY® hardware – robust, durable and at the highest certification level.

To develop our SAVVY® hardware portfolio means, we always keep the requirements for your diverse use cases in mind. Each of our IIOT devices is designed for use in extreme weather conditions: SAVVY® hardware scales to your needs, not the other way around.

Request technical data sheets

We reserve the right to send technical data sheets to selected prospective customers. This information is for internal use only. Distribution outside your company is only allowed with written permission from SAVVY®.

    SAVVY® FleetTrac-M1
    External Powered and internal Li-Ion Backup
    SAVVY® CargoTrac-ExR-M1 (HazLoc certified)
    Power-Independent internal Primary Battery
    SAVVY® CargoTrac-Solar (HazLoc certified)
    Power-Independent internal Solar Li-Ion Battery
    SAVVY® SenseGateway-ExR (HazLoc certified)
    Power-Independent internal Primary Battery
    Sensor – LoadCell
    SAVVY® Sensor – LoadCell
    Easy to mount Weighing Sensor
    Sensor – TankMiles
    SAVVY® Sensor – TankMiles®
    TankMiles for intelligent Tank Container
    Synergie Portal
    SAVVY® Synergie Portal (HazLoc certified)
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