SAVVY® LoadCell-Ex

Easy to mount weighing sensor
Easy clamp mounting within minutes
Accurate weighing including integrated full-empty or overload detection
High precision: Weighing accuracy up to 3%
Detection of load displacement
Fast ROI through process optimization
ATEX and IECEx approvals for use in demanding hazardous areas
Telematik-Gerät SAVVY® Sensor – LoadCell


SAVVY® LoadCell-Ex convinces with easy installation and high measuring accuracy for universal use.

Functions of SAVVY® Sensor – LoadCell
On-board weighing of freight wagons for optimized digital transport processes
Determination of loading status, payload and load distribution independent of location
Loader support through residual material detection
Detection of safety-critical situations (e.g. overloading, load shift)
Automatic accounting of transported tonnage
Traceability of damage events (identification of damage causer)
Increase of fleet utilization and (machine)availability
Total cost savings through process optimization

SAVVY® Sensor – LoadCell at a glance

Measurement method

The measuring principle is based on strain measurement. When the wagon is loaded, the load generates strain in the supporting structure of the bogie. This strain is detected by the sensor and transmitted to the telematics on the wagon via radio using the SAVVY® SenseGateway-ExR. The telematics further sends the data to the web-based SAVVY® Synergy Portal via the cellular network.

Easy installation

SAVVY® LoadCell-Ex is optimized for easy installation by simply clamping it directly to the bogie. There is no need for time-consuming welding, drilling or glueing, so the downtime of the freight car is minimal and it is ideal for retrofitting. In appropriate applications, the sensor can be mounted directly with two screws.

Measurement data collection

The measured values are recorded via SAVVY® SenseGateway-ExR and transmitted to the telematics unit by radio. Up to four different sensors can be connected simultaneously. SAVVY® SenseGateway-ExR has an ITSS IF2 standard radio interface (2.4GHz). Thanks to the internal battery, the device is designed for maintenance-free operation for more than 10 years.


For data transmission to the cloud, you can use the SAVVY® FleetTrac-M1, SAVVY® CargoTrac-ExR-M1 or SAVVY® CargoTrac-Solar. The devices are suitable for a wide variety of transport units such as containers, IBCs and freight cars.


SAVVY® LoadCell-Ex complies with the European ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU and may therefore be used in Zone 1 and 2 hazardous areas for gases up to Group IIC T6/T4, and also in Zone 21 and 22 for Group IIIC dusts.

Integrated and wireless

The measured and transmitted data are clearly processed in the SAVVY® Synergy Portal or can be queried via interfaces thanks to ITSS IF 1 conformity. All changes in configuration, measurement data and firmware updates are wireless (over the air).


SAVVY® LoadCell-Ex is a weighing sensor that can be mounted on existing freight cars without mechanical modification. The payload is determined on-board. This not only increases wagon availability but also transport safety.

The entire sensor system is approved for hazardous applications and areas.

  • On-board payload calculation, independent of time & place
  • Load status known at any time
  • Simple, hidden installation
  • No mechanical modification to freight cars
  • Robust, monolithic construction, IP69K protection class
  • Efficiency increase and optimized fleet management
  • Optimization of transport process
  • Reduction of maintenance costs
  • Safety increase
  • Timely detection of critical conditions (predictive maintenance)
  • Identification of damage causer
  • Use in hazardous areas
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TRANSWAGGON – 13.500 equipped TWA-SFL-waggons with SAVVY® telematics

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Nobian uses SAVVY telematics to contribute to a sustainable and modern logistics chain

“Nobian has been working with SAVVY devices for several years. We have installed GPS devices in all of our transport equipment. This enables us to plan raw material supplies and ensure availability for our large customers.” – Adolf Otto, Fleetmanager Nobian GmbH



“Our client’s relationships are measured in years, not months. Become one of them too! The digital transformation of supply chains will revolutionize entire management processes and improve various aspects of sustainability.

Learn more about how we can improve sustainability in your supply chain processes using high-tech telematics. Only together we can design a sustainable, low-carbon and modern logistics chain. Let`s make something great together!” – Aida Kaeser Co-founder & CEO SAVVY® Telematic Systems AG

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