SAVVY® Sensor – TankMiles

Tankmiles© for intelligent Tankcontainer
SmartFlange with integrated level measurement
Suitable for tank containers and rail tank cars
Easy installation by replacing the spare flange
Exact fill level via radar measurement
Pressure measurement additionally possible
Telematik-Gerät SAVVY® Sensor – TankMiles


SAVVY® Sensor TankMiles© impresses with extreme accuracy and the use of the latest technology.

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Functions of SAVVY® Sensor – TankMiles©
Intelligent multi-function gauge integrating both liquid level and pressure sensors into a single system
Precise liquid level monitoring for tank containers and rail tank waggons
Tank container loading efficiency
Utilising the latest non-contact RADAR technology
Flat design
Easy and fast installation
Cost savings through reduction of multiple tank sensors
Total cost savings through process optimization
For use in hazardous areas

SAVVY® Sensor – TankMiles© at a glance


Due to its compact design and flat overall height, the sensor is optimized for installation on tank containers and rail tank waggons with limited height. Installation is particularly easy by simply replacing the flange.


SAVVY® SENSOR – TANK MILES© impresses with its technology with low energy consumption in the milliampere range and thus complies with all current environmental directives. Built-in automatic compensation to avoid environmental impact.


The use of the latest radar technology enables the intelligent multifunction flange to provide very precise level measurement. Pressure sensors can also be integrated into one single system, allowing remote control at any time.


SAVVY® SENSOR – TANK MILES© may be operated in zone 0 and 20 hazardous areas in accordance with Directive 2014/34/EU. This means that IoT sensors can be integrated under the stringent requirements of chemical logistics.


SAVVY® Sensor – Tank Miles© combines intelligent level and pressure sensor technology in one system. Exclusively designed for tank containers and rail tank cars with focus on highest precision.

  • Low measurement blind area
  • Millimeter wave technology for high-precision measurement
  • Low beam angle, reducing the possibility of interference
  • Built-in automatic compensation to eliminate environmental impacts
  • Support of wide input voltage range
  • Fast calibration
  • Low power milliampere energy consumption technology
  • Compact design for tank containers with limited height
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