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SAVVY® shapes the AI of tomorrow

Press report from 01. March 2024

MWC Barcelona, February 2024: SAVVY® Telematic Systems AG visited the largest event in the connectivity ecosystem again this year and returned with numerous innovative ideas.

The MWC (Mobile World Congress) Barcelona is one of the largest events in the mobile industry, which takes place annually in Barcelona, Spain. The MWC provides an important platform for companies from the telecommunications and technology sector to present their latest innovations and exchange information on the latest trends in the industry. The target group includes companies, experts and interested parties who present and discuss topics such as 5G technology, IOT (Internet of Things), artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, mobile payment systems and much more.

As part of the MWC, the Swiss Business Hub Spain, the representation of Switzerland Global Enterprise in Spain, is organizing the Swisstech Night. The event aims to disseminate technologies and network experts: Swiss and international companies, investors and start-ups from the mobile technology sector sit together, of course with SAVVY® on board.

Within the Innovation Circle: FUTURE OF DIGITAL WORLDS, with a special focus on AI and blockchain technologies, SAVVY® exchanged numerous ideas with like-minded people and discussed smart, new approaches. Switzerland has become a beacon of innovation and excellence in the field of artificial intelligence (AI), setting global standards for the ethical development and application of AI. And SAVVY® has no less aspirations.


About SAVVY® Telematic Systems AG

SAVVY® Telematic Systems AG, based in Schaffhausen, is a leader in innovative telematics, sensor and software solutions that make a significant contribution to the digitalization of the chemical and logistics industries. The aim is to increase value creation in these companies through efficient work and logistics processes. SAVVY® combines high-tech telematics system solutions for use on rail freight cars, (tank) containers, IBCs, and in vehicles or machines with sophisticated telematics technology and a process-oriented state-of-the-art portal. The range of services also includes extensive process consulting and intelligent process design for all telematics and sensor-based business processes of chemical, industrial and logistics companies that need to be digitized. Since May 2014, SAVVY® has been a granddaughter of the SDAX-listed INDUS Holding AG Group ( and thus offers its customers financial stability as investment protection and absolute neutrality in data management that is unique on the market.